Fermata Music is a privately-owned piano school located in Windsor, Ontario
that is known to offer affordable lessons to students of all ages.

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About Fermata Music Piano Studio

We believe that musical education should not be limited by economic status. Our goal is equal opportunity for everyone.

We create lesson plans that are age-appropriate and fit each student’s individual learning style. We do not want to just teach piano, we want to build long-lasting, respectful relationships​ so learning piano can be a fun, enjoyable experience!

What to Expect

At Fermata Music, we teach individuals of all ages; however, certain ages come with certain challenges. For example, adult students may find certain motor movements required to play the piano difficult to master, while young children might struggle learning complex concepts or musical terms.

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Free 30 Minute Trial Lesson

We believe the relationship between a student and teacher is the foundation for a good learning environment. Come meet us for a trial lesson- no financial commitment necessary!


Mohamed B.

Student Piano Classes

Teaches music by learning to read the notes and not by memory. Giving a more understanding of the peice they are playing. Any teacher can get a student to memorize but to actually read and play the notes according to the metronome is a challenge itself. Both girls are far apart in skills but progress accordingly with challenges to keep them on their toes. Would recommend

Courtney H.

Student Piano Classes

Samantha has taught my son piano over the last 3 years and she is so patient and understanding. He has come a long way and wouldn’t have gotten to where he’s at without her. She is great with the kids and I look forward to many years with her at Fermata!

Carly D.

Student Piano Classes

Samantha has been an exceptional piano teacher. My daughter has been going here for almost 3 years. She has learned so much. Samantha is patient and kind we love it here!

Brianna V.

Student Piano Classes

Samantha is a brilliant and patient teacher. Her technique suits all ages; my son began piano lessons with her when he was 4. She brings together her students, families, and community for our annual spring and christmas recitals that provide a space for students to showcase their hardwork. If you are thinking about enrolling yourself or your child in lessons, I would highly recommend Samantha at Fermata Music! She is affordable, flexible, and great at what she does!

Gabrielle C

Student Piano Classes

My daughter Gabrielle loves her Piano lessons with Samantha at Fermata Music Piano Studio. Samantha teaches Gabby using music that connects to her personal musical interests. He teaches using manageable steps that empower my daughter’s musical confidence. Samantha’s passion for his work, his patience and his positive demeanor create an optimal environment for learning and fuel my daughter’s ongoing enthusiasm for her piano lessons. I would highly recommend them to others.

Lynn R

Student Piano Classes

We were very fortunate to connect with Samantha for piano lessons. My daughter started lessons in June, 2011 and enjoys learning from Samantha. She is patient, personable and flexible especially when needing to switch or reschedule a lesson. If you are looking for lessons, give Fermata Music a try- I know we are glad we did!

Jason W.

Student Piano Classes

Very professional with a great atmosphere

Our Teachers

Samantha Cisilino

Owner, Piano Teacher

Logan Adlam

Piano Teacher

Vivian Hu

Piano Teacher

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